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Ensuring safety within food contact materials is of utmost importance for our customers. All of our products are sourced using the highest quality and safest materials which pass all FDA regulations and standards.


Some of our factories that are specific to providing only food contact products are certified with GFSI or ISO approved certifications and qualifications.


Don’t see what you’re looking for below? Don’t worry, reach out to us and we will be able to source what you need!  




Mylar pouches are a great option to safely store dry goods, such as powders, grains, and seeds.


Multiple layers of materials and resealable closures allow the contents to remain fresher for longer. Have the freedom to design and create your perfect pouch solution with outer material options like kraft, metallic, matte, glossy, and more!


Want your customers to see the contents inside? No problem, we can create any shape or sized window to support your requests.

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We can source an extensive list of jars and bottles to meet your needs. Whether it’s an in-stock 16oz boston round or an 8oz cosmo bottle, we can manufacturer and deliver just what you’re looking for.


If there’s a particular shape or size that you require, we can identically match the technical drawings that you provide. Our engineers will produce custom molds and initiate samples for testing on your assembly & filling lines.

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Packaging plays a huge role in the sale of a product and the continuation of a company’s branding. A product’s packaging has to associate with the company’s overall image and extend uniformly throughout the entire product line.


This is where we can help! Our services provide numerous varieties of customizable options across all product categories. Whether it’s screen printing your exact Pantone color on glass jars and mylar pouches, or producing gold foil stamping on your tincture bottles and cardboard outer packaging. We can get it done!

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Sourcing full packaging solutions can prove to be tricky. All too often, suppliers are able to provide the main packaging body, bottle, or canister, but there aren’t enough caps in stock to complete the project.


We can supply standard sized lids to match the bottle closure so your production line doesn’t have to stop. If your solution requires a specialty deep skirt or ribbed cap, our engineers can tool the molds to replicate it.


Our product testing ensures that our heat or pressure sensitive seals are formatted for the correct PET or HDPE attachment. Breathable gaskets are also available to stop larger containers compressing and deforming throughout pressure fluctuations

during transit.

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Are you looking for some sustainable alternatives?​

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Protein powders require specific packaging because of their large volume requirements. Solid HDPE structures are needed to contain the bulk contents. We use the highest quality food contact materials which are FDA approved.


Is your company in need of protein powder solutions? Feel free to reach out to us for a free quote.

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