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Who Are We
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Drop-Ship Packaging is a packaging procurement agency, specializing in packaging solutions and design. What makes us different is the utilization of drop-shipping, so we can source a wide variety of products from reliable world-class manufacturers and connect them with businesses for a fraction of the cost.


Finding reliable suppliers can seem like an impossible task. We communicate directly with our extended network of pre-qualified manufacturers and work through multiple time zones for rapid response times and solutions.

We are a contract packager's best friend!


Our business model eliminates all unnecessary steps when purchasing products. Directly drop-shipping bulk quantity orders from the manufacturer enables us to source products at the lowest price possible. 

Normally, suppliers charge higher fees to cover all overhead costs such as inventory, storage, warehouse employees, security and more! At Drop-Ship Packaging, all those additional costs are bypassed! 

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Straight From The Source
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All orders are tailored to your specific needs, whether it requires an exact quantity, unique branding, or even a custom mold. 

Here at Drop-Ship Packaging, nothing is impossible. We have direct communication with our partnering factories which enables us to cater to all client projects and requests.


Forget about being restricted and constrained, step out and experience the freedom of complete customization!    

Customize Your Order



Increasing profit-margins without compromising quality is often a difficult task and one that not all businesses have the luxury of achieving.

Taking advantage of tier pricing and deep bulk discounts helps our clients maximize long-term profits.

"A penny saved is a penny earned"

Benjamin Franklin

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High Volume Huge Savings
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Key preferred partners in the manufacturing and logistics industries allow us to provide bottom

pricing quotes.

With years of importing experience, we advise our clients on the best methods of freight, depending on required lead times and purchase volume. 


Booking full containers dramatically decreases end costs and lead times as orders do not need to be separated at origin or destination ports. 

Bottom Pricing

Design THAT


Eye-catching packaging has proven to increase customer conversion rates and generate higher sales. Creating a brand that appeals and directly communicates with the target audience is our key focus.

Receive design proposals specifically tailored to your needs and have them taken from the drawing board to your doorstep.

We specialize in all areas of design, including logos, packaging, and marketing materials. All design files include Pantone specific colors for consistent printing across all branding assets.

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Design That Ignites
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Sustainability is an increasingly important mission for almost every company out there. We are here to help support that mission by providing sustainable solutions for almost every product we source.

If you're currently using plastic bottles, perhaps it's time to change to 100% PCR (post-consumer recycled) materials? If you're using stand up food pouches, which are normally comprised of metal foil and plastics, perhaps it's time to make the switch to PLA for rapid decomposing or recyclability?

Sustainable Solutions


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