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With ever-changing laws around the cannabis industry, it’s imperative to stay ahead of the curve. We provide packaging solutions that can meet the necessary regulation standards to ensure you never have to stop selling.


Our product portfolio offers a wide range of child-resistant options for all forms of cannabis products. This includes a variert of materials such as glass, plastics, mylar, and cardboard.


Don’t see what you’re looking for below? Don’t worry, reach out to us and we will be able to source what you need!

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We all know cannabis can have a strong smell that isn’t always welcome. The solution: mylar pouches.


Have the freedom to design and create your perfect smell-proof solution with outer material options like kraft, metallic, matte, glossy, and more!


Want your customers to see the contents inside? No problem, we can create any shape or sized window to support your requests. We’ve even done cannabis leaf shaped windows for some clients!

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Glass jars are ideal for storing dry flower. They are sustainable, child-resistant, and maintain freshness.


A variety of sizes are offered so you can store your dry flower volumes inside appropriately sized containers.


However, glass jars aren’t just perfect for dry flower, they can also be used to package edibles and other canna goodies! Our 5ml size options are perfect for concentrates and hash.


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Packaging plays a huge role in the sale of a product and the continuation of a company’s branding. A product’s packaging has to associate with the company’s overall image and extend uniformly throughout the entire product line.


This is where we can help! Our services provide numerous varieties of customizable options across all product categories. Whether it’s screen printing your exact Pantone color on glass jars and mylar pouches, or producing gold foil stamping on your tincture bottles and cardboard outer packaging. We can get it done!

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Tincture bottles are perhaps the most known form when consuming CBD or cannabis topicals, so it’s imperitive to choose the right bottle for your brand.


We supply tincture bottles in all standard sizes with a variety of shapes and styles. Choose from many different colors of glass and dropper tops, along with blank or graduated pipettes.  


Does your product require protection from ultraviolet rays to prolong the shelf life of it’s contents? No problem, we can source special equivilents to MironTM style dark UV glass that serves this exact purpose. 

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Are you looking for some sustainable alternatives?​

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Sometimes it’s essential to pair your cannabis packaging products with outer packaging solutions. This helps to keep the products safe from damage and easy to store.


Our outer packaging solutions are ideal for individual products, but can also be utilized for distribution or bulk packaged items.


Is it difficult and time consuming to pack large wholesale orders one product at a time? Maybe it’s time to use distribution size solutions that can pack 4, 6, 12 (and more) pieces at a time!


Too often we hear from prospective customers that their previous cartridges and pens would leak, break, or be poor quality. This creates poor customer satisfaction and large return rates.


We are partnered with one of the best cartridge & disposable pen suppliers in the world, providing FDA approved and heavy metal compliant products.


Package these items in a child-resistant box with foam insert to finalize a premium look and feel!

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