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We supply blank or custom packaging products for contract-manufacturers and independent companies.


Whether you are a co-packer who needs blank bottles to fill and adhere labels to, or a company that benefits from fully customized products ready for filling and selling, we can help you with both! 

All orders are manufactured and drop-shipped directly to the facility of your choosing. Whether it be your own factory or a partnering co-packer, let us know the address and we will ship it there.

Are you looking for some sustainable alternatives?​

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Some projects can comprise of many different components, and with an ever-changing global supply chain, sourcing each individual component can be challenging.


 If you're missing a certain piece of the puzzle, we can provide the necessary component to round out your shopping list. We will source or custom build the necessary item to fulfill your requirements and get production up and running.


Communicating with just one contact to fulfill all of your packaging needs streamlines the process of qualifying suppliers.


Drop-Ship Packaging has a comprehensive list of pre-qualified suppliers to ensure the products delivered are being purchased from reputable sources and helps to take the workload off your plate.

When you're in need of a bottle, a lid, and a heat-sensitive seal, look no further, we've got the supplier relations to source exactly what you need. 

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We offer a full range of customization services. Here is a brief list below...

- Full CMYK printed labels

- Offset printing

- Silkscreen printing

- Digital printing

- Dumb oil / UV gloss accents

- Foil stamping

- Engraving

- Embossing

- Custom mold

- Stamping

- Holographic

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We offer a full range of design services to exceed your customers needs. Focusing on the marketability of a concept, we produce designs that attract the target audience.

Find out more below!

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