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2021: A Year In Review

Updated: Aug 20, 2023

2021 was another whirlwind year, but that's what makes us stronger right? Learning to adapt to what's thrown at us enhances our ability as business owners and compounds our growth for when these scenarios arise in the future. We set ourselves a really high goal for 2021 and although we didn't hit our sales expectations, we have made up for it in experience. Seems like a cop out, but honestly it's true. I am someone who hates to fail, but I understand that failure teaches lessons. I am very fond of the quote copied in the image below.

Elon Musk's quote

For our first year in business, managing to navigate the ups and downs of the global industry we work within, I am extremely proud of the company we have built so far. Now, with a year under our belt, we are setting the same sales goals for this year and keeping our heads down to achieve it.

Our 2021 Summary

- We expanded our presence in the cannabis sector by undertaking several new packaging projects. One example included new distribution boxes for a client's tincture bottles so they can now easily pack wholesale orders in groups of 6. These outer casings were designed to neatly fit the 6 bottles and have specific tear perforations so they can be transformed into elegant display cases for retail countertops.

- Business isn't just about forming new relationships, but also strengthening those that are currently existing. Customer satisfaction is at the forefront of how we run our business and we have strengthened those relationships by fulfilling multiple orders from each client successfully. We hope to further these partnerships in the future for long and continued growth together.

- 2021 saw us create some awesome design and branding projects. A particular mention goes to one of our existing customers who has grown substantially and generated an entirely new organization within their umbrella. We were hired to create the logo and branding for this new branch which had to incorporate its affiliated company's persona while still maintaining its own identity. They loved the finished outcome!

- Our most proud achievement this year was the manufacturing of our biggest project ever...and it was made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastics! This was an extremely long and difficult task, but we managed to source some of the highest quality recycled goods and manufacture them into an FDA approved food-contact material. We were part of an award-winning sustainable packaging product which goes to show that hard work does pay off!

2022 So Far

- As January has drawn to a close, we can review the first month of 2022 and it's already been an interesting one! With record rainfalls and devastating landslides in Vancouver, the ports and logistical networks have been smacked. We currently have 2 x full container loads passing through that port to one of our customers in Canada and we are working proactively to save as many costs as possible. With chassis fees reaching an extortionate rate of $500 per day, we are working day and night to secure trucking for the the last leg of the trip as soon as the port releases the goods.

- The sustainability project from last year has seen upgrades to it's design which now includes a 100% PCR (post-consumer recycled) logo embossed into the design. January was spent reconstructing the molds and testing samples ready for mass production after Chinese New Year in February. We can't wait to keep fulfilling these orders throughout 2022 as this product's demand continues to grow.

- January has also included a large design project for a cannabis company as they look to improve their product packaging. This brand are moving beyond basic printed labels and upgrading to custom prints directly onto the packaging products themselves. The artworks have gone through many iterations and are finally close to completion. The next steps are to order samples of each product for final approval before mass production begins in March. We're excited for this one to reach the shelves!

- Throughout the tail end of 2021 and into the start of 2022, we worked on bolstering our website with more descriptive content. Just last week we finally completed the upgrades with a new sustainability page and more in-depth information behind the industries we specialize in. Check out our next blog post which will review how these additions can help potential clients understand how our services will benefit their operations.

What Else Can We Expect In 2022?

- Our main goal is to become more sustainable and promote the concepts of sustainable packaging throughout our customer's product lines. We aim to complete at least 3 more major sustainability projects this year with a few already in mind. Our first proposal is to convert a series of food pouches from virgin plastic to compostable & biodegradable PLA.

- Another immersive project that we are hoping to secure will be the first of its kind. We are currently prototyping this concept because the client's original request was simply not possible. The materials they were looking to use were not able to withstand the product's contents, causing us to think on our feet and plan a new strategy. This might be a product that doesn't officially launch until 2023, but we are hoping for some trial testing during summer 2022.

All in all, 2021 was a great first full year in business and it's compounded into a kickstart 2022. Stay tuned for more updates as we progress on this enjoyable journey!

Thanks for reading!

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